Occupational Allergy
Workplace Exposure
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HESA - Occupational Allergy

  • Development, refinement and execution of animal models and laboratory techniques to screen for irritation and sensitization potential

  • Training & qualification of contract lab personnel in the use of these methods

  • Monitoring contract laboratory studies for quality assurance

  • Assessment of occupational health risk for allergy and asthma

  • Predictive tools for setting occupational exposure guidelines

  • Clinical testing for occupational allergy and asthma

  • Monitoring employees’ health

  • Documentation for long term safety support


  • Training and qualification of third-party contract laboratory to conduct ELISA assays on packing plant air samples

  • Development of animal model for evaluating the relative allergenic potential of enzymes, for the purpose of setting occupational exposure limits

  • Development of animal model for evaluating the systemic effects of new airborne materials